About Scott

Scott D. Altamirano, LMFT, is an American-born therapist of Mexican and Filipino decent. His journey as a therapist began after serving in the US Army for 4 years as medic during the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Though he wasn’t deployed, he worked directly with those impacted by war. Seeing those around him hurt and coming to terms with his own traumas, Scott decided to join the mental health field to make sure that no one will suffer as much as he, and those are him, have.

As a therapist, Scott found that he thrives in spotting and discovering the truths that lie within ourselves, no matter how ugly is it. He takes a fearless and nonjudgmental approach to help his clients understand the true nature so that they can finally heal and move on from their demons. Scott has a strong understanding of psychology overall, but operates mainly out of modality of Attachment Theory. Lastly, Scott emphasizes change and thus often assigns homework to his clients between sessions.